Rose J. - The video and the photos were the most beautifully captured moments. I could see and feel the love that the couple had for each other. Tears were pouring from my eyes. Keep doing what you are doing because...it's perfect. (11/3/16, 8:58AM)
Noridzuan Mahfok - Well done and beautifully capture. So inspiring... (7/21/14, 4:13PM)
Destiny Lor - I'm in love with your work! (5/8/14, 1:19PM)
Kinga - What's the first song ? (1/19/14, 7:06AM)
Liv - Once again you have displayed amazing, breathtaking work Jenny! I'm in love with all of the photos you take! Wonderful job! (1/7/14, 8:37AM)
Isela Gares - OMG!! you can captured the best moments!! awesome!! :) Of course I like your work! (12/17/13, 6:38AM)
Samantha - Beautiful work Jenny! You inspire me so much! (11/10/13, 3:53AM)
Charis Ow - Beautiful pictures, Jenny! :) Ah, wedding pictures/videos like these make me tear :') The happy kind. Sending love vibes to you! x <3 (11/8/13, 12:46AM)
AKP Photography - This wedding is absolutely breath taking!! So moving to watch :D (11/7/13, 10:39PM)
Joanna - The anticipation, the smiles, the laughter, the (happy) tears and most of all, the love - captured so beautifully and reflecting the emotions of the day as eloquently as a thousand words (if not more so). Thank you Jenny :) p.s. of course it's an added bonus that the bride & groom have great taste & style ;) (11/7/13, 10:03PM)