Evonne Wong | U Me Us Studios - OMG, we heard Jayesslee on YouTube when they performed Gangnam Style, LOVE them! So glad that you did a photo session for them! :) (5/3/13, 8:47AM)
Sharon Theng - Thanks for sharing... lovely girls & lovely pics. :) (3/13/13, 1:19AM)
Clement - Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for sharing all the awesome photos of Jayesslee! The fantastic caption of true beauty =) Impressive work! I am definitely excited about their debut album Studio Sessions and to be released in Malaysia! Shout out all the way from Malaysia! God bless =D All the best to Janice & Sonia! (3/13/13, 1:05AM)
Mei Teng - Lovely photos Jenny. Love their music. (3/13/13, 12:55AM)
Jenny Sun - Hi V&V - thank you so much! The lighting in this shoot was completely naturally lit, except the drapes setup - that was just ambient light from the lightbulbs we used :) (3/12/13, 10:07PM)
v&v - Amazing! You really captured the beauty of these amazing girls, I've been following your work for a while and really love the soft and sweetness of all your shoots! How did you manage that amazing lighting? And your website is gorgeous!! xox v&v (3/12/13, 9:36PM)
CK Ng - Lovely photos. I hope their album will get released in Malaysia, especially the eastern part. (3/12/13, 4:20PM)
Trish - Heheh been waiting for these. They are just perfect. Love that soft draped setup and the exposed bulbs. And of course those gorgeous girls. Awesome work! xx (3/12/13, 4:10PM)