neil senior - beautiful photos love the layout/look of your blog too (3/19/14, 6:52AM)
JK Blackwell - Stunning! (3/8/13, 5:35PM)
Mei Teng - Where were these photos taken? Love the location and the dress! (11/16/12, 11:11PM)
Wilson - I was struck with the same problem with my 27 inch iMac - I guess we got the same email from Apple! I'm dreading sending mine in and have backed up absolutely every single thing onto 2 external HDs! (11/14/12, 10:22PM)
Jenny Sun - Hey Lydia! Thank you so much for your kind words! :D The dress this bride wore was custom made, but I think the inspiration was taken from the White Label from Vera Wang. http://www.appycouple.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/white-by-vera-wang-wedding-dress.jpg (11/14/12, 10:42AM)
Lydia - Oh gosh that is such a fabulous colour! I think I am in love with her dress - do tell where it is from! (11/14/12, 10:35AM)