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Thursday, February 24, 2011  |  Engagements

Vintage Sunset Engagement: Eva and Kah Wui

his is what happens when you mix yummy cupcakes, gorgeous dresses, the most fabulous vintage details, and incredible incredible light :)Meet Eva and Kah Wui, in a session where the light was so amazingly delicious that I had to pull my chin off the ground and pinch myself to check that it was real! 
Enjoy my favourites from the day! :D 
The most beautiful details and decor was brought to the shoot! I love my brides who have the most impeccably exquisite taste for their shoot and the things they bring to it! :D 
Gorgeous colour-matching fans! So so pwweeetttty! :D 
I LOVE it when my brides do NOT bring roses to the shoot! hehehe :D 
Then a change of attire, and the sun really came out to play for a rare date with the camera! 
Seriously, the light got so amazing at this point, I nearly didn't know what to do with myself! :P 
Happy thursday everyone! And have a lovely weekend ahead after that! 
Til the next post! :D