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Thursday, March 20, 2014  |  Engagements

Charis and Daryll: Sweethearts

I have the absolute fortune of meeting amazing people, with the kindest of hearts all the time with my line of work.... but every now and again.... like once every few years, I meet certain couples that are all that, but also people whom you can honestly just be friends with. You know, people you can easily just sit down and have a coffee with, laugh about silly things, and just be? Charis and Daryll are two such people....Two sweethearts, that I had the incredible honour of crossing paths with, over... get this... INSTAGRAM. The world is so small and funny these days. Just a random comment/like on my instagram feed by Charis, led to me meeting two people who have one of the sweetest love stories, and two people who are not just beautiful on the outside, but more over, gorgeous on the inside - I am sure anyone who knows them will attest to that. When I meet people like Charis and Daryll, it reminds me in big flashing lights why I am a photographer and have chosen to document people's love stories...they are humble, kind, outrageously fun, have huge hearts for other people, adore God, and love each other in the small ways...which, as I believe, are the big ways in a relationship. Thank you both, from the bottom of my hearts for allowing me to cement your love in photos.... I think out of the three of us, I am the lucky one. God has blessed me richly, in our friendship and I cannot be more thankful that we have crossed paths :) I just hope these frames are something small you can look back on as you continue to walk the journey of life hand in hand together, and remember how much you love one another. Keep being a light to those around you - I know God will be using you both in big and beautiful ways to bless those around you :) 
Oh and for those who are wondering if one of the faces is very familiar... you may have already guessed right - Yes, this is THE Charis Ow :) She is a fashion + beauty blogger, an actress, and a really talented singer all in one. Don't take my word for it... Look at her credentials like.... opening up for huge names like Jayesslee, Jason Chen, Clara C, and so on and so forth. But that's not why I adore this little soul....This girl is not just beautiful on the outside, she has the heart the size of mount everest :)  
So, on a day that included, rain, smoky haze, getting stuck in traffic for 45 mins (or more?), getting lost, red ants, garbage filled grass, mud, and an INSANE 38degrees in temps, these photos happened. I know these frames, at their essence, are simple, but I've stated time and time again on facebook, instagram, and when talking to couples in person, that photos that are simplest are always going to be my favourite...Why? Well.....For the sole reason that they remain timeless and untouched by the waves of trends and fads.... which I just LOVE, because it allows just the lovers in the pictures to shine (which is what it's supposed to be like), their love and their story to take centre stage, and it also means you can hang them on your walls for decades and they stay just as beautiful as the day they were taken :)  
ps: I should note that this is NOT a pre-wedding session. It's what I like to term as a 'sweetheart' session instead - who says you need to be engaged or married to celebrate and document your love in photos!! :D