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Monday, November 15, 2010  |  Personal

The JSP Facebook Page


I'm sitting here on my mustard yellow sofa bed, slumped in an overly comfortable spot, and strangely...not really knowing what to say or write. Perhaps lethargy has finally reared its ugly head, and my brain has finally entered a somewhat comatosed state. All I am thinking right this very moment is: food, bed, a tub of mango yoghurt, some salt and vinegar chips, and a countless number of episodes of Vampire Diaries to get me back on track! :) 
Of coure, as life has it, I must run with the wind, and soldier on through the crazy! Stealing an episode of Vampire Diaries in between ;)

For now, I wanted to share with you all something that has meant alot to me - YOU. That's right, each and everyone of you who read, follow, tell your friends, and come back to read this blog of mine and have made our humble little facebook fanpage (I still cringe at the word!! It still holds a little more vanity in between its letter than I am comfortable with.. ) grow from ZERO in february this year, to a crazy almost 9000 today!!! I don't know where all of you come from, but I know it is YOU who make JSP what it is today. Please know that even though I may not be able to always answer each and every one of your messages or emails, I do read all of them and there is not a single one I take for granted. For a girl who secretly needs a tiny morself of assurance every now and again, all of you 'almost 9000' really fill my heart with smiles :)

So, this post is a THANK YOU for putting a little sunshine into my insane peak season for just being there, and coming back, again and again and again :) I want to give away a little something I recently fell in love with... I was given one of these beautiful necklaces (it has my name on it) by a reader/follower whom I've not even met, not long ago, and I was blown away with her incredible generosity, and impeccable taste!! I love cute and vintage/rustic looking items, and I thought it would be so wonderful to pass on some of these wonderful little vintage camera necklaces to you out there!!


So how do you get one?

Easy! You just need to do 3 things :)

(1) Leave a comment in the comment box of this blog post (yes, so to those reading via RSS feed, you need to come back to the ORIGINAL BLOG post to leave the comment - do not leave it under the comments of the notes or your feed) to tell me your name, where you are from, how long you've been following JSP for, and how you heard about JSP!

(2) Post a picture to the 'FAN PHOTOS' section of the JSP facebook page (its in the photo tab, on the left hand column of the page), telling us in 25 words or less why you are a fan of JSP. Be as creative as you like. It can be as simple as text on white, with a creative message..... or you can use pictures.... the sky is the limit. It just has to be uploaded in that section, and it must have 25 words or less why you are a fan of JSP.

(3) Then, tell your friends to 'like' your uploaded photo!

The top 10 photos/pictures with the most 'likes' when this giveaway ends will get one of these cute little vintage camera necklaces!! I'll also pick my favourite, as the 11th winner :) This special 11th winner, will also receive a limited edition of my JSP travel postcards (there's 20 in the set) and you get them in soft copy on DVD too for your desktop/computer wallpaper too :)

So the sooner you enter, the better! As it means you'll have more time to share your uploaded photo around! :)


Giveaway ends: Monday 29th November 2010 (at 11:59pm), and I'll announce the winners later in the week. Make sure you are contactable if you are the winner! :D

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone! I'm off to catch my breath for awhile! Back soon! :) 

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