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Tuesday, November 26, 2013  |  Personal

Anniversary Shoot By Jose Villa: Jenny and Ju

I was going to save these for our 6th Wedding Anniversary (which is coming up in February - marking a total of 14 years together as a couple) and blog about them then.... but I wanted to share these images while they are still fresh in my mind, before all the reflections, senses, and memories fade.  
You see, when Ju and I got married, we didn't have the time, nor the money to get pre-wedding photos done. It didn't really bother me back then, but over the years, as I photographed more and more couples, I kinda grew a little sad ache in my heart as I looked at their photos and wished I had some of Ju and I myself in non-wedding attire. You know, just us. And then I thought, why don't more couples shoot anniversary sessions? Because marriage and the celebration of love doesn't stop at the wedding day....and the milestones after the wedding I have found to be just as important, if not more so than the wedding itself.  
I don't know about the rest of the majority, but I have found that over the years, Ju and I have grown more rooted in our roles as husband and wife. It has come through alot of hard work, pain, and many a tear have been shed, but it has made us stronger, and definitely deepened our love to something that isn't lined by crazy fireworks, or a state of constant sweaty palms, or an overwhelming object of desire, but rather...a love that has slowly been marked by increasing respect, understanding, patience, and forgiveness. We're still learning of course ;) But I really believe that a maturing love deserves to be celebrated and documented just as much as a love that is new and exciting :)  
So, by the time it hit the 5th year into our marriage, the idea of celebrating the past few years and all the challenges we had overcome came to light....we had planned a trip to the US of A, and got our photos taken to document this special period in our relationship... and who better than a man who's work I have admired since starting out in photography - Jose Villa. Jose, thank you SO much for taking the time out of your really busy busy busy schedule to make these photos for Ju and I to keep. They're extremely special to us as they represent a time in our lives that symbolizes not only love, but triumph, commitment, dedication, and God's grace in our marriage. We can't wait to put these in frames and up in our home :)  
Anyway, here are a few frames from our shoot everyone :) Contrary to popular belief, while I will share alot about my life online, my marriage tends to be an area that I have been very private about... while I have learned to be okay with people judging my work life, my personality, and everything else that I do, I haven't wanted to put my marriage with Ju out there under that same light or scrutiny as it is an area I have been able to be completely free and putting these images out there was hard and altogether scary at the same time. That said, I just wanted to end by encouraging all of you who are married out there to keep persevering in your marriages.... it's true, that love and marriage is not like the fairytales at all, and at times it can be downright heartbreakingly painful. But with hard work, dedication, and steadfast perseverance to love the other person more than you love yourself, the love that you both can share through and after all the trials is something even more magical and powerful and fulfilling than what the world tells you otherwise. I know, because we stand on the other side of the hardships...while I suspect in this life the trials and tribulations that come with two sinners being together will never completely disappear, the true encouragement and joy is in knowing we are moving forward every day :) And that is worth hope :)  
Much love... 
ps: For those who have emailed and asked, the blue dress I wore is a custom made piece by Celest Thoi.