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Thursday, November 7, 2013  |  Weddings

A Twilight & Fairylights Wedding: David & Casey

"Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth - 'you owe me' - Look at what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky. "
It is always the most special weddings, dear to my heart, that I seem to always be at a loss for words. For those that know me, my written form doesn't find itself in that situation often. I tend to know what to say with my pen, almost always. So, when I was putting this blog post together, it wasn't a surprise when I found it difficult to muster the right words to express this wedding the way it deserved to be expressed. So, I've opened with the above seems fitting for these two and what I know of them, over the short period of time I have watched them :) 
If it were up to me, I'd be typing up something much less inspiring and definitely less adequate... For how do you re-tell a love story, that spans 10 years? How do you communicate a relationship, that over a decade, stored treasure troves of patience, generosity, understanding, unconditional love, an incredible joy and love for those around them, and that special uncanny ability to laugh not only with each other, but at themselves. I've always been a believer that a couple is in for a long long happy path together if they know how to not take themselves and life too seriously, and these two are no exception ;)  
When I looked around the room that night, while the ties and shoes came off on the dancefloor, while the plates and champagne glasses were emptied and dried, and the night was coming to a close, it was evident just how much these two meant to the people in the room. It exuded through the air, and soaked through you like a warm summer breeze....inviting, comfortable, and a wanting for it to linger for as long as possible. I don't know how to explain it justly... You just have to know David and Casey personally to understand just how likeable they are :) So, doing this post was hard and easy all at once... and I could not have been happier to watch no longer a colleague, but a friend of mine get married to the woman that is his whole world...I just hope my photos do better justice than my apparent rambling of non-creative words.  
Congratulations David and Casey. It has been a long time coming, but you made it to the threshold of this door... and forever has only just started for you both :) I'm so glad you have finally made it to the start of this very special journey together. And I hope these images are just a tiny keepsake to continue reminding you as the years roll on, just how very much you both mean to each other.  
ps: There is a very special slideshow at the end of this post. So make sure you scroll down and watch it. I promise you it is worth the play :) So grab your popcorn, get cosy, and enjoy the end result :)  
The bride in her BEAUTIFUL custom creation, by Celest Thoi :) Hair and makeup by the talented Amy Chan :)
And look at all that snazzy groom wear! Made by the genius that is known as P Johnson Tailors :)
And then... there was the epic creation, that was their reception and ceremony space at Sun Studios, embellished by the talents known as The Bridal Collective, and Chanele Rose Flowers. Just look what I mean.... I was in awe when I saw this space finished on the day.
Oh.... and a note has to be made about Aria's AMAZING catering that night. The food was absolutely DIVINE :)
Then it got very emotional, as David started sharing pieces of the past. So heartfelt. Very swallow-lump-in-your-throat, worthy.
Then, to end my coverage of the night.... the couple danced to Adele :)
And to end, here is that very special video I wanted to share with you. It has alot more frames from this wedding not shown in this post along with some special video snippets... so do grab a seat, get comfy, and enjoy the show. I promise you it will be worth the minutes in front of your screen :)  
**Special thanks to Evan Luo for the video slices :D***