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Tuesday, July 16, 2013  |  Style, JSP In The Press

Featured: Wedding UK July 2013

'm sorry to those readers who have wondered where I've been. IF I am ever quite on the blog, it means that I'm either going crazy shooting and editing, or I'm actually really sick. The past couple of months included both, and it was really tough on all counts as I don't get sick leave, or anything like that. But that story will come later. This blog will slowly come to life in the next few weeks sometime, but for now, words cannot express how EXCITED and THRILLED I am to share with you the news that the photos from our Enchanted Garden Shoot have been published in the UK!! And in a magazine I have been such a big fan of for years - Wedding Magazine :D  
Thank you SO much Wedding Magazine for featuring the photos - it means so much to little artists like ourselves. And to my amazing team who worked on this shoot with me (read all about them in the Enchanted Garden Shoot blog post of mine), I love you all so much :) You're all amazingly talented and beautiful people inside as well :) You make a girl like myself feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have met such wonderful souls.  
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone! I'm slowly playing the catch up game, so bear with me :)