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Thursday, March 14, 2013  |  Engagements

Lavender Fields Engagement: David and Casey

Can I just say what a MADHOUSE it is at JSP right now? :D Each and every one of us has our plates completely full at the moment, and we'll be spending the next few weeks in various parts of the globe, so our world is a little crazy with so many things going on. Not to mention, David and Casey's wedding is literally right around the corner.  
So I felt it was so fitting to completely break the blogging order and share with you their engagement photos! :D You all saw their lovely proposal shoot {HERE} awhile back, so now here is their sweet little love session we did for them in a secret little corner which smelled divinely of lavender, and where the sun kissed the grass with its warm glow til the last minute of the day.  
We hope you enjoy these photos!! See you at the next post!! And David and Casey - see you at the wedding!! :D 
Much love