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Thursday, November 22, 2012  |  Engagements

Proposal Shoot: David and Casey

So here's the story peeps! We literally have THREE (yes, 3!!!) blog posts sitting here all done up and ready... sadly, we can't release them all at once, but we're kicking things off with this sweet shoot :)  
Meet David and Casey :)  
For those that don't know already, David is the other resident photographer at JSP, besides myself and Vincy, and while he is the newest member of our small little family, he's made quite a spot for himself in the team! Anyhow, it's exciting to finally be able to introduce a face to the name (as many of you have asked!), and what is EVEN more exciting, is that we get to introduce to you his gorgeous and SUPER lovely fiance, Casey as well :D 
Although at the time of this shoot, she didn't know she was officially going to become his future Mrs!! :) We basically told her this was just going to be a sweet little love shoot for her and David at the BEAUTIFUL estate of Summerlees, but behind the scenes David was cooking up a plan with Vincy and myself to surprise her with a proposal!! And while it rained and rained and rained all day on their shoot, I don't think it dampened the mood, nor took away the smiles that were on these two lovebirds faces.  
David and Casey, thank you SO much for letting me be a part of this journey.. not just as your photographer, but also your friend. I hope you find a place for these images in your heart, and I hope they bring back a little slice of joy in the years to come if you ever take a walk down memory lane :) 
The special part of the day... all decked out with fairy lights and hundreds of candles :)
And the proposal.....
Congrats lovebirds!!