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Wednesday, November 14, 2012  |  Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peek: Enchanted

Just a little update from me everyone! :) 
I know I've been SUPER quiet on this blog, and just everywhere in general... I'm in the THICK of peak season, with back to back shoots pretty much everyday at the moment. Which means my days consist of waking up, prepping for shoots, driving (ALOT of driving), shooting, more driving (back home), and pretty much sleeping til I have to get up for the next shoot. I promise I am not sitting around with huge amounts of spare time doing nothing.  
To top things off, we are without our main office computers which means post production of images has been paused until we get them back :( They've been sent into the Apple hospital to get repaired due to a defect in that particular line of iMacs that was unaware to us and out of our control.... words cannot describe how heart broken I was to wake up one morning and realize the computers would not turn on anymore despite them being top of the line units and fairly new! I've managed to get a temporary unit to work on, but it is nowhere near as fast as the ones I'm used to working on, so I hope you all bear with me. It pains me to know I can't do much! 
The good news is, we've still been able to get out and about to make pretty images... and that's what I'll leave you with today until we're back on our feet here at JSP. Just a little bit of spring magic that was cooked up recently :)