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Friday, March 2, 2012  |  For Photographers

The JSP Workshop in Sydney 2012!

o, two weeks ago, I had the AMAZING pleasure of meeting 20 bright and hungry-to-learn photographers and finally teach a workshop on my home turf of SYDNEY!!! :D 
My head is spinning thinking about the 3 days we spent together - it was a mix of such incredible emotions from excitement, to deep rooted fear, joy, and thankfulness. Even pondering over it two weeks later, I can't quite formulate the entire experience into a coherent post that seems to do justice in telling the story of the few days we hung out as a group. So apologies if my words are seemingly lacking... I just want to give a HUGE thank you to the 20 attendees that trusted me enough to teach you. There is so MUCH incredible talent in the world of photography, it really means the world to myself that you would sit with me for 3 whole days out of your busy schedules to listen and learn when you could be doing that elsewhere. I guess part of my fear came from that... that I would not be good enough or that you would walk away feeling like you had not benefited. I hope I have done your trust some form of justice and that you have stepped out of the workshop feeling more confident to put your mark in this photography world around us :)  
And to my WONDERFUL team, Vincy and David. You two are the best. Seriously. I call you two my blessings from God, for JSP. You are the backbone and breath of my business and without you, I wouldn't be half of where we are today. Thank you so much for your dedication, hard work, and being there for anything that needed to being done from setting things up, helping other attendees, getting my coffee (haha!! you know I love you for that!), and just smiling :)  
Lastly, to the following people, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your incredible talent and contribution to the workshop: 
(1) Amy Chan - for making our models look so beautiful and fabulous! 
(2) Jess from Oscar and Ruby - for decorating our room, and styling our shoots so beautifully! 
(3) To our out of this world amazing models on the day (Alisha, Wilson, Beth, Ben, Jess, and Adrian) - we looooooooooooooove you so much!! 
(4) Wiki Lee from The Big Films - for documenting the entire workshop and sharing with our readers and followers what we got up to over the 3 days. The video is AMAZING!!!! For your information, Wiki filmed everything and then presented a 'same day edit' video for us to watch on day 3. Incredible! Wiki runs this school called Wikischoolpedia, so if you are a photographer wanting to learn some awesome stuff, please check out his school :) I'll be in Bali in August at his first Wikischoolpedia workshop so I hope to see some of you there :D 
Have a look here for his really fabulous video of the JSP workshop!! 
And for those wanting a few photo snippets of what we got up to, here are some photos taken by Vincy and David, along with a list of links you can visit to read about various workshop attendees and their thoughts about the workshop Thank you :-)
Then it was out shooting! :D We were so lucky to have wonderful weather for the day :D
Some mucking around in between! haha
The following were shot by our very own David, at JSP :)
And if you were wondering if I shot on the day... yes :) Here you go! :D
And lastly, here was the gang together for one last frame! :D
For further reading, check out the following links by participants about the workshop: Karissa, Nadean, Leanne, David Duong, and Jess
And lastly! If you are interested in JSP workshops for the future, there are some that may happen next year!! Please have a look at the below and if after reading the description/info of the group, you are still keen and interested to be part of a JSP workshop, just click 'join' and we'll approve your membership in any of the following groups: 
(1) Sydney, Australia 2013 - 
(2) Perth, Australia 2013 - 
(3) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013 - 
I REALLY hope to make the above happen for next year (if each group gets enough interest, my team and I will make it happen!!), so we are excited about the prospect of maybe meeting you at one of the workshops above!! :D