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Tuesday, February 5, 2013  |  Weddings

A Vintage Garden Wedding: Linda and Andrew

This blog is in serious need of a wedding post, I know :) So I hope this one makes up for it. If you've been wondering where I've been, as usual, we've been busy with peak season, and on top of it, I'm a few weeks behind schedule on everything just because this past month I've had the worst flu I've ever had in years. I'm still not 100% better yet so things have just been a bit stressful trying to balance life and work, and attempting to get better. So praying that I get over this bug soon!! It's been driving me mad! :P Anyhow..... onto the photos!! 
I don't know what to say about this wedding. Really. And that's weird for me, because I usually have too many words, but for once, I am at a loss for what to write because I don't think anything I will type here will do justice to everything that was felt and seen at this union. Even the rain that visited ever so frequently on the day that Andrew and Linda said "I Will" to each other, didn't seem to put a damper on the huge amount of love, friendship, and joy that was shared by all that sat under the stars and fairylights. There's just something magical about small intimate weddings that just capture my heart. I know weddings and nuptial celebrations come in all forms, sizes, and types, but it's the small ones that involve just the closest of family and friends that really give way to what makes weddings beautiful - love, joy, intimacy, closeness, and camaraderie. Those are the things that truly make photos beautiful and shine.  
So while I adored shooting their beautiful countryside engagement session HERE, their wedding was an even more special affair of the heart, as it finally put a close to the cords of serendipity, timing, and friendship that intertwined throughout their 7 year love story, and it began a new chapter full of hope, adoration, love, and an even more pronounced praise to God.  
Thank you Linda and Andrew for having us as part of your journey. You could have chosen ANYONE from the thousands of talents out there that you know, so please know it was a HUGE HUGE honor as a photographer, and as your friend. Bucketloads of love to you both. You're an amazing pair together.  
PS: Warning. HUGE blog post ahead :) If you don't fancy scrolling through so many images, head to the bottom to see the slideshow for all the photos featured in this post and more! :) You don't want to skip the slideshow as it has alot of special VIDEO clips :) It's 15 minutes long, but we promise you it's truly worth your time to sit down :)  
Venue: Sydney College of the Arts 
Caterers: Aria Catering 
Hair and Makeup: Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry
How pretty is the lamp with flowers as a replacement for the bride's bouquet? :D
David was busy with the boys while Vincy and I were with the girls :)
I adored these rustic and whimsical boutonnieres that the boys got to wear on the day.
Andrew and Linda decided on doing a first look. To meet each other in a quiet special spot, to see each other for the first time, without all the guests watching. It's absolutely an honor to document a first look... there's always such sweet smiles, emotions, and tenderness filling this slice of the day. have a look :) Best to check out our slideshow at the bottom of this post to see it unfold in video! :)
The bridal party then joined us in for some picture fun :)
Love!! :) Linda looked radiant! And isn't her vintage headpiece just so perfect? :)
Then it was time to make it all official. And linda didn't spare any details... hand painted calligraphy on wooden boards, flowers in hanging mason jars, a beautiful wispy white canopy made from wood and lace, and some very nifty ceremony programs that also acted as fans! :D
Now THIS moment really deserves some light. Andrew and Linda saved their first kiss for marriage. YES... its their FIRST kiss ever!! It really called for many many frames to seal this moment :)
Now THAT is how a groom should kiss on his wedding day! :D
We quickly went around one more time for some portraits before the rain came :)
We even managed to find some light. Praise God :)
And a rainbow :)
Party time! :D Linda and Andrew opted for a very casual affair filled with loads of great food (as they are both food lovers!!), where everyone could either sit down on a picnic rug, or hang out at a table under the stars and fairylights. I loved the showbags they gave everyone, the beautiful wishing well and guestbook corner, their fun candybar, and all the DELICIOUS food that Aria Catering provided. To top it all off? Instead of a cake, they inserted a gelato bar - which was just PERFECT for summer!!  
Oh and just another side note - LOVED that this was an outdoor reception! :D
Pretty little details... including the lovely burlap linens, and tea that everyone got as favours :)
Truffle and risotto. Roasted lamb. Can anyone say YUM?
Then a quick tea ceremony to honor Linda's side of the family :)
*heart* this moment between linda and her mother.
Then from this point onwards it was just speeches, and hanging out to have a great time. No formalities in the form of cake cutting, or first dance... they just wanted a chillax night under the stars, and that's pretty much what they got :D
And... here is their slideshow to end. Do press play.. there's LOADS of other images and special video snippets. We promise you its worth the sit down, so grab a cup of tea, maybe some popcorn and enjoy :)  
ps: To my AMAZING team - David and Vincy. I couldn't have done this without you. You guys are INSANELY talented. And you make team JSP so much more incredible. I am thankful to God everyday for having crossed paths with you, and having you part of this crazy journey with me. Huge love to you both.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012  |  Weddings

Guatemala Destination Wedding: Analy & Jose

It's been a long time coming... blogging I mean. I've not written a proper post since June, and I've not blogged a wedding since May. Shame on me, I know. It's definitely not because of a lack of material. But more so, too much going on in the in betweens that have filled up every crevice of my time. In fact, this post is only possible, because I have broken about 50 deadlines just so I could share these images with you. The blog drought has gotten to a point where a post up here has become more important, so I hope you forgive me... and I hope even harder that this post is worth the wait, the broken deadlines (I'm back to work tomorrow :P ), and your 15 minutes to read it :)  
Meet Analy and Jose again! Remember their e-session we shared awhile back? They sizzled the screen with their oozing sophisticated style, and here they are... back again, and not a drop less stylish. They married in the gorgeous grounds of Casa Santo Dominigo, in Antigua, Guatemala, and had their reception inside some amazing church ruins :)  
We started the day seeing some prettiness in the form of some Badgley Mischka heels, and a beautiful full length lace trimmed veil :)
I LOVED Analy's Lazarro gown. Every inch of it was fabulous.... pretty tulle, gorgeous lace, and cut so beautifully :) And then there was Analy's jewelled bouquet. Matched perfectly to her shoes! :D
I've always adored personalized dress hangers. You can find alot of them on Etsy these days, so brides, look out! :D
Thank you to Robin Ng who graciously flew countless hours there and back with me to help me on this wedding!! Here are some of his photos from Jose's side of the preparations.
You can never really go wrong with a red-label Hugo Boss suit!! :D
Analy and Jose opted for a first look. Just look at the anticipation Jose has, waiting for Analy to arrive.
Analy. You are 110% stunning. I am pretty sure every person looking at this post will agree with me :)
Then it was off in their vintage car, to grab some photos around the city of Antigua :)
We then arrived back at the hotel for the twilight ceremony :)
Feathered programs!! :D
Analy is very very close with her grandmother, and it was just perfect to see her walk Analy down the aisle.
Analy and Jose wanted a night time photo of themselves and I knew once I saw all the candles set up earlier in the day, that it would have to be something like this :)
Party time!! How gorgeous is this setup under the roof of these church ruins? :D Have I told you how much i LOOOOOOVE tiffany chairs? I've never really been a fan of chair covers, so whenever I see tiffany chairs, my heart skips a beat :D  
Oh and one other thing - LIGHTING. I can never stress this enough to every single engaged couple out there. You can have the most beautiful venue, most amazing details, but if you do not light up your place properly (this church was lit with candles and led lights to highlight the interiors and the tables), it just wont wow in the photos. So people, please do pay more attention to this if you want it to look incredible in your photos and wedding album! :D
Analy gave each guest a packet of the famous coffee from Guatemala as their wedding favours. Packaged so prettily! :D
I adore this candid moment between bride and grandmother.
First dance as husband and wife.
Then it was just partying like crazy til the end of the night :)
Hope you enjoyed that post everyone! 
I'm off now! Hope to be back sooner rather than later with another set to share :)  

Saturday, May 12, 2012  |  Weddings

Wedding: Sonia and Andy

I've heard all the rules about blog post length, reader attention spans on the web, iPad and iPhone viewing limits per page, and overrunning layouts in terms of graphic design. Well, this blog post goes against ALL those rules. Not because I don't care. But more so, because: 
1) SO MANY of you have requested the blog post for this wedding, and the sheer excess of images is to say thank you for waiting so patiently. 
2) I just couldn't cut this story shorter. In doing so, it would have left out so many elements that we felt were so special to all the seen and unseen moments of the day.  
So, without further ado, I'm re-introducing Sonia and Andy. Remember these two? Their engagement session was shot here :) And if you recall, Sonia is half of musical sensation, Jayesslee (the other half is her twin sister, Janice), and her man that you see here, Andy, is their drummer and manager. Now, I could give you a wikipedia-like spill on all their details, what an insanely talented duo they are, and how they are seriously taking the world by storm. But I wont. Their facebook page, their youtube page, and their website will tell you all that.  
I'm here to share with you, a really special day that I got to step into, immerse in, and preserve forever in images. And more importantly, share about just how beautiful these two souls are. People think I say this about every couple, but these two have seriously left a footprint on my heart. They inspire me with their passion for Jesus and making him known through their music, they encourage me with their incredible humility, and just by witnessing their lives, family and friends for a day I have been touched by their genuine love and generosity towards those around them.  
Andy and Sonia. What can I say? I love you guys to bits!! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I can't thank you enough for trusting me to tell the story of your day... David and I left your wedding saying that the rest of 2012 has such BIG shoes to fill as you have started off our season in such an immense way. You both are more than clients... rather, sweet friends that I'm so incredibly honored to know. I hope these photos do some sort of justice and find a small place in your heart to treasure for the rest of your days. May God continue to use you mightily in His great and wondrous plans, and I pray that your marriage is filled with an immeasurable abundance of love, happiness, and growth in our Father :) 
Much much love 
ps: Just a shoutout to my AMAZING, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD team - Vincy and David. David, thank you for shooting along side me. Your eyes and what they manage to always see is incredible. Any bride who has worked with us will know what a gem you are on the day :) And to Vincy, who captured the video footage (which you will see in the slideshow at the end of this post), thank you for your hard word, and the beautiful footage you got. For someone who doubles up as photographer, videographer, and our Studio Manager. You are super woman!! Love u both!! 
***UPDATE!!*** Just a last side note. Thank you to everyone who has been sharing our images. We just ask that if you want to share/use the photos (and please do share - we love you for it!!) to PLEASE 1) not crop out our watermark logo and 2) to pretty please credit Jenny Sun or Jenny Sun Photography for them. My team has worked ridiculously hard on these images for Sonia and Andy, and for all of you to enjoy, so little things like this mean the WORLD to small artists like ourselves and go a long way. Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu!!!
So, I started off with the girls! :D
David was with the boys getting ready, and got the below shots :D
A very special moment. It was spoken in korean so I didn't understand what was said, but I believe it was a heartfelt thank you/tribute to their parents.
I love this moment where Janice dedicates a special song performance to Sonia and Andy. I won't say what song, but lets just say it was sweet, beautiful and so well covered :)
I LOVE this moment. I had a lump in my throat as I heard Andy give his speech. You just had to be there to understand the weight of it. Let's just say, God answers prayers and performs miracles.
These last photos are dedicated to Sonia's well known love for fairylights :) Kind of reminds me of the rotunda where Bella and Edward had their first dance in the very first Twilight movie.
To end, this last compilation is of their whole wedding with music, AND some special video footage (link to the video is here on vimeo in case you can't view it via RSS) ! It's my first time working on a fusion slideshow ON MY OWN (our usual video peeps were not with us on the day), so this took forever. I KNOWW the footage isn't perfect, but for my first attempt, I'm happy I didn't drop the camera or throw a brick at iMovie trying to finish it hehehe... Do press play, we know it's long, but we promise you its worth it! :D 
Lastly, for those who have asked, the music used in the above slideshow video is listed below. PLEASE support these amazing artists by purchasing their music (and not rip it off the internet) - they have worked hard to produce what you are enjoying to listen, and are well worth your $0.99 on iTunes :) 
1) Waiting Here For You - By Christy Nockels (Purchase song here:
2) Turning Page - By Sleeping At Last (Purchase song here:
3) So In Love - By The Icarus Account (Purchase song here:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012  |  Weddings

Long Reef Golf Course Wedding: Shae & Richie

e're in the midst of a craaaazy, and I mean CRAZY with capital letters and many exclamation marks, period at JSP so time of any kind is very very rare...however I didn't want this week to fly by without sharing with you this short and sweet wedding David and I shot together one weekend where the weather was perfect, the air was sweet with the lingering taste of love, and where we could hear the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks in the distance while Shae and Richie pledged their I Do's amidst ear-to-ear smiles, and promised each other their futures and hearts in front of their closest family and friend :) I have to admit, small intimate weddings, where the couple is madly in love, have a very soft spot in my heart.. I truly believe that when you are surrounded ONLY by those dearest to you, the day becomes so much more special, more enjoyable, more relaxed...and it shows in the photos 100%. It was a glorious afternoon and one where David and I were so lucky to have witnessed and be a part of. Thank you Shae and Richie for your trust in us that day!! We hope you look back at these photos and are reminded every time how deeply special your love is to one another :)  
ps: For those wondering if Shae's face looks familiar - yes, you are right. She is the TV host for Saturday Disney!! :D 
Hehe, david drove the buggy while I snapped!! :D
LOOOOOVE this below photo shot by David!! The sky was soooo pretty that day! :D
And another capture by David that I just loved to bits :D

Wednesday, February 22, 2012  |  Weddings

Milton Park Country House Wedding: Erlen & Ade

ello my lovely readers!! Its been a CRAZY couple of weeks since the last post I made... We had the first JSP workshop in Sydney last week and wow, how INSANE was that! It was SO wonderful meeting so many creative individuals and hanging out with them for 3 whole days :) We'll be blogging about the workshop in a couple of days so look out for that! :D 
Anyhow, needless to say, when I take the whole team out of the office, coming back is like fighting world war 3 :P  
So I hope you didn't mind the slight absence on the blog last week. We're hoping the photos from this sweet little wedding will make up for the silence :)  
Meet Erlen and Ade, and their GORGEOUS wedding in Bowral, at the stunning Milton Park Country House in the Southern Highlands :) Ooh how I love weddings in the country...there is just something about the air and romance that is solidified in such a beautiful setting. Thank you so much Erlen and Ade for letting David and I be part of such a special day in your lives. We hope as you look back at your photos, you will be reminded of just how much love and joy have brought you two together.  
For those who are wondering, Erlen's pretty little number is made by the talented Collette Dinnigan. Her dresses are stunning! :D
Shoes courtesy of Jimmy Choo :)
Groom prep shots were taken just downstairs by David. (YAY for couples who get ready at the same place - less travelling time for us which means more photos for you lovebirds :D )
And you can never really go wrong with a Hugo Boss suit :) My hubby swears by them! :D
The very very pretty letterpress stationery on the day was taken care of by Bella Figura.
I loved this shot captured by David of the bored little ring bearer :P
And then some last few pictures under the GORGEOUS sunset light that day :D
I love DIY brides with fabulous taste and a great eye. Look at all the things Erlen put together for her intimate reception lunch :D
Oh and for those wondering, this profiterole cake was DIVINE. Made by the yummy Gumnut Patisserie.

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